Man obsessed with his car prefers to be laid to rest in it

Image via China Daily/Asia News Network
  • A man from China asked his family to bury him with his beloved car
  • The bizarre incident happened in Baoding, North China’s Hebei province
  • Back in 2015, a man was also buried with his car

A video from Baoding, North China’s Hebei province went viral online due to its bizarre ceremony.

In the said video, a silver Hyundai Sonata car is being used as a coffin for the owner’s body. It is slowly lowered into a grave by an excavator.

According to Asia One, the owner loved his car so much that he wanted, as part of his will, to be buried in his own car.

Well, apparently, his family did as he requested.

This unusual event is not the first time it actually happened.

It was in 2015 when a man, also from China, was obsessed with his car that he was also buried with the vehicle.

Image capture of video by Hotbrito via YouTube

The family decided to place the man in the hatchback since he refused to be parted from his beloved car. The car was carefully put into a specially prepared grave by a crane while some mourners helped manoeuvre the car into an underground tunnel.

Others passed down flowers to the men who assisted in the ground for final farewell.

According to Daily News, the funeral took place in the province of Shanxi, in the northeast part of China.