Insensitive! Man takes selfie with woman who’d just been hit by a train in the background

Image by Giorgio A. Lambri via Gosia Krakowska's Facebook post
  • A man was captured on camera taking a selfie with an injured woman as backdrop
  • He can even be seen making the “V” sign with his fingers in front of the camera
  • The woman was reportedly hit by a train and lost one of her legs
  • The police later asked the man to delete the photo

A viral photo showing a man taking a selfie against the backdrop of an injured woman lying on a train track has sparked debate on ‘ethics’.

The now-controversial photo was taken by Italian photojournalist Giorgio Lambri last May 26 and has hogged the headlines of local newspapers and is widely circulated on social media.

The incident reportedly took place at Piacenza station near Milan in northern Italy. Lambri’s photo showed a man in white shirt and pants taking selfie with an injured woman as backdrop. He can also be seen as if making the “V” sign with his fingers in front of the camera.

The woman, a Canadian and seen lying on the tracks, had just been hit by a train and was being attended to by paramedics. One of her legs was said to have been amputated at the hospital due to the incident.

Lambri himself shared the photo on his Facebook account and was flooded with comments from netizens disgusted by the act of the man in the picture.

“The barbarism you don’t expect: the ‘selfie’ in front of a tragedy,” read the headline of an article Lambri wrote for Liberta.

One of the headlines| Image from Lambri’s Facebook post

On his Facebook post, he wrote the caption:  “I am sure he’s not a bad person, just someone totally ignorant on the ethics of living.  I am a veteran journalist who (has) extensively covered crime, and I have seen many terrifying scenes, but this made me really sad.”

Netizens were also outraged by the man’s act; describing it as “repulsive”, “absurd” and “inhuman”. Others called it “revolting” while calling the man an “imbecile”.

“There is little hope left in humanity when you see that a witness takes a shameful selfie with a woman hit by a train and who’ll be amputated shortly after,” one Facebook commenter wrote.

“So sad we have forgotten our humanity,” another added.

The unidentified man was believed to have been approached by police and was asked to delete the picture.