Crocodile eats pet dog who taunted it for a decade

Image capture of video via Today Latest News' YouTube account
  • A crocodile in Australia has eaten a small dog that had taunted it for a decade 
  • Pippa, the pup, ran straight at Casey, the crocodile, and she ‘did what crocs do’

A saltwater crocodile in Australia has eaten a dog that taunted it for a decade and became famous for chasing the eleven-foot reptile into the water.

According to ABC News, guests have gathered to see the pup Pippa. also known as Dumb Blonde, perform her favorite trick – running at Casey, the crocodile, and scare her back into the river.

In an 18-second video posted on Facebook, Pippa ran straight at her head — and Casey “did what crocs do” chomped down on the dog and dragged her into the water.

Image via Pixabay

Guests can be heard screaming and swearing in terror including owner Kai Hansen.

Hansen, Pippa’s owner from the Goat Island Lodge, said his pet would normally bite a crocodile’s tail and chase it back into the water – something she’d been doing since her puppy days..

“Normally Pippa would race down, go for the tail and the croc would just go into the river. She’s done it for nine years. That day she had already chased her back down into the water once.

“This time she went very close to the head straight away which was, yeah, not very smart. It’s really sad,” he further said; adding that they thought it would be safe as the croc had finished eating.