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Two police officers killed in shootout with members of robbery group in Batangas

  • Two police officers were killed during a police operation in Batangas
  • Two suspects were also killed
  • The slain cops were among a team of police officers conducting surveillance operation against a robbery group

Two police officers were killed by members of a robbery group in Batangas on Thursday, afternoon, April 5. Also killed were two of the suspects.

According to the Inquirer, a team of policemen led by Sr. Inspector Alvin Kison were conducting surveillance operation against the members of a notorious robbery group in Barangay Berinayan, Laurel, Batangas at around 4:20 in the afternoon when they were fired at by the targets of their operation.

Supt. Alden Delvo, director of the Batangas police, said the suspects opened fire at the cops. The cops retaliated resulting to the deaths of two suspects identified as Erwin Ariola and Darren Suarez.

Sr. Inspector Kison and Senior Police Officer 2 Edilberto Eje were hit during the exchange of gunfire. They were rushed to a hospital for treatment, but they died hours later.