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[VIDEO] Man shoots dead an old man on Facebook Live, claims to have killed 13, working on 14

Steve Stephens, 37, who shot an elderly man dead in cold blood while broadcasting it on Facebook Live at 4 p.m Eastern Time in broad daylight Sunday, April 16, is being hunted by Cleveland Police, Mirror reported.

The victim was identified as Robert Godwin Sr, 74, who was just walking on the sidewalk and was approached by Stephens before firing his gun on him.

In the video footage which is believed to have been shot in Ohio, he can be heard swearing as he walks out of the white car saying,“I found me somebody I can kill. I’m going to kill this guy right here.”

He asked Godwin of how old he was and if he knew a woman by the name Joy Lane who was later identified as his ex-girlfriend who he said was the reason why this was happening.

Police immediately issued a manhunt for an ‘armed and dangerous’ gunman after he brutally kills a pensioner on Facebook Live.

According to Mirror, the suspect was not only believed to have killed Godwin, but several other innocents which was further verified after the second video circulated online where he was talking with someone on the phone discussing his plan of slaying more.

He claimed to have snapped over a woman, shot 13 people and was working on the 14th because of a woman with whom he ‘s so angry about who purportedly pushed him to his boiling point.

He said he left the woman he claims to be the reason for all these killings which he referred to as the “Easter Day slaughter”  where he said he won’t stop until his mother and the woman call him.

“I snapped, dog, I just snapped,” he said on the video while talking to someone on the phone.

“I just killed 13 ************* man. That’s what I did, I killed 13 people and I’m about to keep killing until they catch me. F*** it.”

“I’m 37 and all my f****** life I’ve just always been a f****** monster, man.

“Always had to prove myself, always had to take the butts of people’s jokes.

“I’m killing m*************, all because of this b****…

“She’s putting me at my pushing point.

“I was living over there with her, I woke up Friday and I just couldn’t take it anymore, I just left.

“Here I am, massacring m************. Today is the Easter Day (woman’s name) massacre.”

Cleveland Police  have issued a statement that the suspect who broadcasted his shooting on Facebook Live has claimed to have committed multiple other homicides which are yet to be confirmed and that they “are investigating a homicide at 635 East 93rd Street.”

“East 102 Street – East 108 Street in Cleveland is on lockdown,” the statement continued.

Local hospitals and Cleveland Clinic are on standby to receive mass casualties.

Here’s a description of Steve “Stevie” Stephens as disclosed by the MirrorOnline:

  • Black
  • 6’1″ 244 lbs
  • Bald with a full beard
  • Wearing a dark blue and grey or black striped polo shirt
  • Driving a white or cream colored SUV.

“He is considered armed and dangerous. If seen call 9-1-1, do not approach the suspect,” the Police said.

Police and EMS are swarming the Cleveland State area, take precautions and do not approach Stephens.”

The nationwide manhunt has entered its third day.