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Shark kills a 17-year-old-girl who was surfing with father in Western Australia

  • A teenage girl died on Monday after being attacked by a shark in WA
  • The 17-year-old was surfing with her father when she was attacked around 4pm
  • She was rushed to Esperance Hospital in critical condition via an ambulance
  • It is believed the girl lost one of her legs in the attack before she died

Esperance, Westerm Australia – A Teenage surfer from Mandurah was with her father when she was mauled by a shark off the coast of Western Australia.

The girl’s mother and two sisters reportedly witnessed from the beach as the 17-year-old was grabbed by the shark at Kelp Beds, 3km east of Wylie Bay, in Esperance just before 4pm.

Her leg was badly mauled in the attack and she had lost a lot of blood when pulled from the water.

Police, paramedics and Esperance Marine rescue treated the girl before she was taken to Esperance Hospital in critical condition where she died thereafter.

Wylie Beach will be closed until further announcement, according to The Esperance Express.

Water Police have urged people not to undertake surfing, swimming or diving activities in the Wylie Bay area for, at least, the next 48 hours.