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Missing girl’s dead body found under neighbor’s bed in India

  • A 6-year-old girl in India went missing for days
  • One of the neighbors, who turned out to be the main suspect, even offered to help find the victim
  • The girl’s decomposing body was found stuffed under the neighbor’s bed

A girl in India who had been missing for days was found dead. Her decomposing body was discovered hidden under the neighbor’s bed.

According to India Today, 6-year-old Harshitha had been missing for four days in her grandfather’s home in Bengaluru, Karnataka in southern India. She was from Hosakerehalli and was only on a summer vacation with her grandparents.

About a week ago, she went to play with the daughter of a neighbor identified only as Anil. She failed to return home since; prompting the grandfather to file a missing complaint.

Police said the suspect even offered to help find the missing girl. However, a few days later, he left their house with his family and traveled to their native province.

The neighbors then noticed a foul smell coming out of Anil’s house. A search led to the discovery of the victim’s decomposing corpse which was stuffed in a box and hidden under the suspect’s bed.

Meanwhile, the police launched a manhunt for Anil and arrested him.

Investigators believe the suspect may have raped the girl before murdering her. The police have yet to formalize the charges against the suspect pending investigation, reports said.