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Look: Heartbreaking moment Syrian father cradles his dead twin children in deadly chemical attack

  • Syrian father who lost 25 relatives in suspected sarin attack recorded burying twins, family members
  • He recounted how he had tried to save them in the aftermath of attack
  • He lamented international community’s response, asked whether the world still had a conscience left

The Syrian man who lost 25 members of his family — including his wife and twin children — to a suspected chemical attack has buried them.

Abdul Hamid Youssef, whose town Khan Shekhoun in the northern Syrian province of Idlib was hit by a devastating airstrike before being  exposed to an airborne chemical on Tuesday, April 4, cradled his twin children before finally burying them along with the rest of his family members who died.

In an interview with CNN, a visibly emotional Youssef recounted how he had tried to save his family in the aftermath of the attack.

“I went to my parents’ house, I tried to help my first brother; he was martyred on the spot. I went to my second brother Karim, he had died too. I went to see my children, and they had been martyred as well. There was foam around their mouths; there were convulsions. They had all been on the floor. My entire family’s gone. My two kids—twins—Ahmad and Aya, my wife, they were all martyred. My two brothers, their children, and their cousins, around 25 members of my family, all martyred,” he said.

Youssef then lambasted the international community, accusing Arab leaders of doing nothing and the US and Russia for using Syria as a pawn for their proxy conflict.

“What international community is this that doesn’t listen to people? Is there even a humanitarian conscience still?  There aren’t any left. And all the Arab leaders, they’re all asleep! And the US does whatever suits its interests. And the Russians have their own interests with Bashar, their tyrant. My children aren’t the first to be martyred,” he said.

The US and its allies have accused Russia-backed Syrian President Bashar Assad of using sarin in the attack which has killed at least 80 people  –  a charge denied by the Syrian government which said the airstrike struck a chemical weapons factory near the town.